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Welcome to my Website!  My name is Michelle Goguen and I am a Spiritualist. 

I offer a variety of Workshops and Private Sessions including Soul Mate/Twin Flame Consultations, Spiritual Healing Sessions, Intuitive Tarot Card Readings, Automatic Writing, and Spirit Guide Making Workshops for fairs or groups of people.  Please go to "Consultations" to see what I offer.

The answer to "Why are we here, and more specifically, Why am I here?" has been my number one question, even as a child.  Spirituality is everything to me and I have spent my entire life exploring many forms of it including Shamanism, Celtic Rituals, Automatic Writing, Intuitive Tarot Reading, Angel, Fairy and Native American Animal Cards and Peruvian Mesa Work. I love and adore anything mystical. I offer many forms of Divination exploration and as a potential client I ask that you approach the work with an open, willing heart.  

​My Twin Flame Experience

In spite of all the spiritual work I had done over the years, nothing prepared me for the total transforming energy that thundered upon my world known as "The Twin Flame Connection."

​During my own life altering Twin Flame experience I was often desperate for some kind of guidance from the physical world, not just the spiritual world. As spiritual as I was, I often found myself confused and bewildered.  Stumbling onto the Twin Flame concept I wondered, “What exactly is a Twin Flame? How are Soul Mates and Twin Flames different? How do I know this is a Twin Flame experience and not a Soul Mate experience? Why is all this syncronicity happening to me? Is this really happening or am I just making this stuff up?  Why do I seem to have so little control over this situation?”   I was desperate for real advice, someone to talk to, someone who understood, someone who had worked in the world of spirit, because I knew that this experience was all about Spirit.  I needed someone who could guide me on the physical plane, someone who really understood Twin Flame energy.  None of my friends could actually help because they kept comparing it to ordinary relationships.  Some of them became hostile, even, telling me I was obsessed.  All I knew was I had NEVER experienced anything like this before.

I survived and ultimately was able to let go because I gave it up to Divinity on a daily basis. I also researched everything I could get my hands on with regard to Twin Flame on the internet as well as anyone who had published a book about it.  As of this writing I still think there isn't enough information available that is grounded in reality in order to really help a human being use this energy for the growth of their soul.  I hope to be that person for you.  

I look forward to working with you!

In Love and Light,

Michelle Goguen

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio,
           Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

                                    -Hamlet (1.5.166-7) Hamlet to Horatio