The Twin Flame Connection 
Psychic/Spiritual Healer 
Michelle Goguen
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Consultations and Workshops

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1.) Psychic Reading: I use a Celtic deck, Native American Indian cards, Angel cards, Angel word cards,  and Fairy Cards.  A reading with me means you will be getting more than one deck read.  We are addressing certain issues in your life and you want answers!  I charge $125 and it's usually about an hour.  I can do it in person or on the phone.  

2.) Spiritual Healing Session
$125 - you come to me, or I call you at an appointed time.
$200, I drive to you.  Depends on how far away you live.  I live in Long Island City in Queens, NY.

The cost is for the whole time, not per hour.  I don't put a time limit on it.  Sometimes the client wants to explain a lot of what is going on in their life, sometimes they don't.  Depends on that.  Divinity goes to work immediately (as soon as you book the session, actually) to help you heal your life - all I do is help guide you to that place.  I use a variety of methods but Angel cards and a Celtic Deck read intuitively are my favorite and I also work with Native American Animal cards, scrying, might make a mini alter for you, and many other forms of Divination. After studying Divination in many different forms for the past 25 years there are many different possibilities in my medicine chest.  I ask that you bring a notebook and a pen as Divinity speaks to me and gives me suggestions as to how you can heal your life during our session.  You need come to the session with an open, willing heart and a commitment to improving your life.

3.) The Soul Mate/Twin Flame Connection
$125 - you come to me, or I call you at an appointed time.
$200, I drive to you. Depends on how far away you live.  I live in Long island City in Queens, NY.

The cost is for the whole time, not per hour. I don't put a time limit on this healing.  Usually an hour to 2 hours is good.  I find these sessions to almost be "Twin Flame Therapy."  People who have not had this experience don't understand what you are going through.  I do. I will listen, work with you, and help you get to a calmer, more peaceful place of understanding of Twin Flame on a higher, spiritual level.

What it entails:   A consultation in Soul Mate/Twin Flame would include questions from you, a sharing of both of our experiences with regard to TF and what I think you should do in order to move yourself along so that this is a positive experience, not an all consuming, obsessive, painful one.  When involved in the Twin Flame energy it literally feels like you have no control, so I will teach you some tricks to let it go and bring it back to Divinity.  It is my hope to enlighten you, lighten you, and send you off with some tools you can use yourself to help Divinity guide you to where you need to be in this very important process.  I'm very much against people going to a Psychic and trying to have them read a crystal ball into the future of this relationship. That is handing over your power to someone else and it is not what the Universe wants you to do. We work on this together. Also I really can't answer the question "Is this my Twin Flame?" No one can - only you can.  Please bring a notebook, a pen and an open, willing heart.  

4.) Automatic Writing Consultation or Workshop
$25 per person - Group workshop in your home.  You gather some friends and we play around with various ways to do automatic writing.  Each person walks away with a valuable Divination tool. Everyone brings a notebook and pen and we start to explore the rich vastness of automatic writing.  First we ground and light a white candle asking for only purity and white light to prevail.  Then you learn one the most fascinating tools you will ever enjoy, giving you access to Divinity. In the end we share what we wrote with each other.  Done right this is one the quickest ways to access Divinity.  I am happy to do Automatic Writing Workshops or a private lesson just for you. Privates are 

5.) Spirit Guide Making Workshop
$60 per person, your home, or in a group, includes all materials. This is "group only" work. This is an excellent artistic activity for spritual groups, such as women gathering, Shamanic gatherings, or for you and some of your friends.  We could even do this for a birthday!  You have to provide the space, which must include at least one table that everyone can work on.

Create a beautiful manifestation of one of your Spirit Guides using luscious fabrics, beads, crystals, feathers, lace, ribbon and many other wonderful materials. Spirit Dolls have been created throughout history from ancient cultures that worked close with the land and the spirit of the land. These Spirit Dolls/Guides represented the spirits that surrounded and assisted them in their daily life and reflect the wheel of the year and its many changing aspects of beauty and wonderment. Come join us for a unique afternoon of meditation and communion with your Spirit Guide as it manifests into physical form.  Please bring a notebook, a pen, an open heart, and be willing to share with fellow attendees. All Spirit Guides are made within the 2-3 hour time and are taken home that day.