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Michelle Goguen
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About Michelle Goguen
I have been a Spiritualist my whole life, since I was a child.  The "mystery of life" and "why we are here" has always been my main concern. I believe that every human being holds within him the answers to all of lifes mysteries and it is their obligation to explore their own brand of "Why?"  "Why am I here?  Have I lived before?  Why are these particular people around me?  Who am I in this world and what is it I am supposed to be learning and supposed to be contributing?"  

My desire to know the mysteries of life have brought me to particpate in Celtic Rituals for over 25 years, different forms of Shamanism  and I am a Peruvian Mesa carrier.  I am also a NYState certified teacher, have my MA in Art Education and teach art to over 500 inner city children a week. I am an artist who works with "Light" and "Reflection," using broken and shattered glass, beads, glitter and many reflective materials in my work.  It has taken me 25 years to develop my artwork and, not surprising to me, has played an important role in my Twin Flame connection.  I (and my Twin Flame, as well) am from Massachusetts and now live in New York City.

I have never been married, never had children.  I believe this is a very important part of why this experience happened for me.  The Twin Flame experience came to me late in life (I was 48 years old when it exploded) but also have the wisdom to look back and realize it had been cooking all along.